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Refill Your Prescription in Calaveras County, California


Prescriptions Change

It’s easy to get in the habit of refilling the same prescription for years. Sometimes, your vision changes so slightly that you may not even notice. However, there are different side-effects you may experience if your prescription is outdated. Headaches can happen when you’re straining your eyes too much. Watery or itchy eyes aren’t always due to allergies. Call Robert S Haymond, MD today to see if you need a new prescription.

A Different Brand May Help

When you try contacts for the first time, it’s easy to go with the first kind you’re given rather than try out other options. If you have experienced dry eyes since you started using contacts, you may want to think about trying a different brand. Different types of contacts are made for different types of eye problems. Some brands can even help with astigmatisms. Reach out to Robert S Haymond, MD for more options.

We Replace Contacts

If you have lost the contacts that you got from your last eye doctor, there is no need to worry. Robert S Haymond, MD can replace your contacts and help set up a periodical prescription refill. We ensure that you will have your contacts on time for your daily usage. Let us help you. Call today and schedule an appointment. Our focus is your sight and comfort.

Refill Your Prescription

Are you looking for someone to refill your current contact lens prescription around Calaveras County? Robert S Haymond, MD is the place for you. We can examine your eyes for a new prescription or fill out a current one. Don’t hurt your eyes more by stretching your contacts’ life span. Contact us today, and we can get you a fresh, new order for your vision needs.