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Eye Exams in Calaveras County, California

one child with eye glass

Family Friendly

We love seeing you and your family come in for an appointment. From your children to you, we will check for basic visual skills and any bothersome symptoms. Our hope is that each of you feels better and sees clearer when you leave our office. Call Robert S Haymond, MD today to schedule an appointment. We can’t wait to meet you.

Vision Is Key for Your Child’s Learning

For children, it is essential to bring them in for an eye exam once they’ve turned 5 years old. The reason is that they need to have basic visual skills in order to keep learning. Having children who are developing knowledge and logic is such a fun time. Don’t let their eyes hold them back from excelling. With their first examination, we will check everything from their near vision to hand-eye coordination. The smiles on their faces are what we want to see.

Exams for Contacts

Alongside examining your eyes for vision testing, we will also measure the diameter of your eye for contact lenses. Glasses are not for everybody. Contacts help you avoid cleaning smudges off your lenses and adjusting your frames throughout the day. With contacts, you’ll even be able to wear normal sunglasses. Our optometrists are qualified to exam your eyes and enable you to try out contact lenses. Give Robert S Haymond, MD a call today.

Our Customers Are Family

Every person that walks through our doors leaves as part of our eye-loving family. Seeing an optometrist does not have to be a scary thing. Our physicians will be kind and respectful to your children, leaving them smiling big for their newly corrected vision. Let us help you and your loved ones have perfect vision at a competitive price. Come see us. Our staff would love to meet you.